summer retreat

24th to 26th August

Going to retreat gives us the possibility to connect with what is essential in our life, to experience it in a more direct way, free of conditioning and more receptive and aware of ourselves and our relationships.
Throughout the retreat, we will have meditation, yoga, moments to share and silence, with delicious vegetarian meals, reflecting our quest for greater simplicity and openness.
Yoga helps to unlock the body, to balance energy and to prepare the mind to go deeper, allowing meditation to highlight the subtler aspects of our experience.

Casa Shanti – it’s a beautiful retreat centre in Penedo do Lexim, close to Mafra and 30 minutes from Lisbon, in Portugal.

Arriving: Friday 24th August between 5pm and 7pm.
Sunday 26th August at 4pm.

Total Costs: The total cost of the retreat is the sum of “room and board” plus “guidance”

Room and board: 120€ / person

Guidance: we practice scaled prices, so you can choose a value according to your own financial possibilities.
110€ to 130€ (+ availability)
B. 90€ a 110€ (- availability)
C. 70€ a 90€ (concession)
+ information

João Palma and Francisca Schouten

• If you have, bring your own yoga mat. If not, let us know in time.
• You don’t need to have previous experience on yoga or meditation to attend the retreat.
• We will try to arrange lifts if you come flying from abroad.
The retreat will be led in english.