18th to 20th May 2018

When we practice yoga and meditation, we invite body and mind to the present moment. Yoga helps to unlock the body, to balance energy and it’s an incredible way to prepare the mind to go deeper, allowing meditation to highlight the most subtle aspects of our experience. Meditation and yoga can be practiced by everyone, no matter what your religious believes and cultural contexts are.

Modern science already proved that meditation and yoga helps to reduce stress, to deal with depression and anxiety, raising focus capacity, resilience and emotional intelligence.

Through meditation and yoga practices, dialogue and silence, walking in nature and vegetarian food, this retreat will reflect a search for simplicity and an inner discovery of who we truly are.

4 Ventos – it’s a retreat centre in an ecologic reserve, called Casal de São Pedro, in Sobral da Abelheira, near Tapada de Mafra, 40 minutes from Lisbon, in Portugal.

Arriving: Friday, 18th May from 17h to 19h.
Leaving: Sunday, 20th May around 16h.
We ask you to arrive in time and leave only when the retreat is over.

Total cost: The total cost of the retreat is the sum of “room and board” plus “guidance”

– Room and board – 110€

– Guidance
We practice scaled prices, so you can choose a value according to your own financial possibilities.
A. 110€ to 130€ (+ availability)
B. 90€ a 110€ (- availability)
C. 70€ a 90€ (concession)
+ information

João Palma and Francisca Schouten

The retreat will be in english.
• If you have, bring your yoga mat. If not, let us know in time.
• You don’t need to have previous experience on yoga or meditation to attend the retreat.
• We will arrange lifts if you come flying from abroad.